Best food to try in Singapore

If you love to eat, then it is impossible to not love the diversity of delicious food available in Singapore. From Malay to Chinese cuisines, Western to French toasts, Singaporeans love to try the current raved food in town just to see if it beats the best!

Best Food to try in Singapore – Kazo Bakery

Besides all the “Must Try” main savoury dishes such as laksa, bak kut teh and chicken rice, there are plenty of “must try” delightful desserts to top off your scrumptious meal too!

Kazo bakery is one of the best bakeries in Singapore with its delectable pastries from Taiwan that you must try! Situated in the heartland of Chinatown, Kazo bakery is like a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by Singaporean and tourists!

Kazo pastries, a “Must Try” food in Singapore

Although there are many other bakery shops in Singapore, Kazo Bakery is ranked as one of the most popular bakeries. Kazo has a variety of items on the menu, from cheese tarts to snacks, choux sticks to Danish polo buns and sandwiches!

Their crispy cream puffs are the most popular, followed by their Polo Bun and choux Kazu Kazu sticks. Their pastries are baked to perfection with a crusty outer layer but soft and creamy filling that will amazingly melt in your mouth at each bite.

Get down to Kazo Bakery at Chinatown Point mall today! Their delectable pastries will never disappoint you.