Best durian puff in Singapore

Where to find the Best Durian Puff in Singapore?

When it comes to durian, you either hate it or love it. Real durian lovers will taste all kinds of flavoured durians besides the fruit itself. Durian sweets, durian cakes, durian puffs, durian lovers can never get enough of durians!

If you’re up for a new thrill of desserts, you can try Kazo bakery’s crispy durian puffs! It is more than just your average durian dessert as your first bite will blow your mind away.

Kazo Durian Puffs in Singapore are durian lovers’ heaven

Our Durian puffs are the perfect bite-sized heaven for durian lovers! Our pastries are backed to perfection which results in a soft and crispy outer layer. The filling is filled to the brim with real Mao Shan Want durian. As you sink your teeth into our durian puff, you can feel the strong burst of flavour that will melt amazingly in your mouth.

You’ll only find yourself coming back for more as it’s the most irresistible sinful dessert for durian lovers! Come on down to Kazo bakery to get a taste of our durian puffs today!