Best Croissant in Singapore

The Best Croissant you’re missing out on

Looking for the best croissants in Singapore? Look no further because we might be the bakery you’ve been looking for!

Croissants are a delicious treat that you can find in many bakeries in Singapore but at Kazo Bakery, you can indulge yourself in the crispy and rich buttery sweetness of Taiwan pastries. Other than croissants, we have a variety of pastry goodness, snacks and buns to fulfil your sweet tooth cravings

Best croissant in Singapore from Taiwan

Satisfy your pastry cravings with croissants from Taiwan! Most of our ingredients are flown from Taiwan to uphold the authenticity of Taiwan’s counterparts. Our bakery has the best croissants that you can find in Singapore.

Our croissants are all wrapped up in crispy flakes with assorted flavours such as Maple, Dirty Coco, Hokkaido, Chicken Floss and more! Buttery and soft, it has the right amount of flakiness that melts in your mouth. Sink your teeth in the soft texture and sweet flavours of our croissant. With every bite, I’ll only keep you wanting more.