Best Bakery in Singapore

We all love some delicious desserts and this can include pastries, buns, and cakes to conclude your course of a scrumptious meal! Sweet, savoury or just the perfect balance, we all have a different preference of taste. If you’re looking for that perfect balance in your pastries and desserts to complement any meal, Kazo Bakery is one of the Best bakery in Singapore that does just that.

Get your favourite Taiwan pastries at the Best Bakery in Singapore

Kazo’s bread and pastry ingredients are flown in from Taiwan to Singapore to uphold the most authentic taste of Taiwan’s counterparts. Our delectable pastries are made fresh every day and filled to the brim with our signature flavours such as Hokkaido, Matcha and Chocolate.

A wide variety of delectable pastries at the Best Bakery in Singapore

Get your freshly baked cream puffs, croissants, tarts and a wide variety of assorted buns to tantalise your taste buds! Indulge in our famous Hokkaido cream puffs that has won over the hearts of many pastry lovers, which has earned the title of the Best Bakery in Singapore.

Come on down to our store to give yourself the pastry treat that you deserve! Experience the sweet and moist filling of our delectable pastries as you sink your teeth in it. You’ll only find yourself coming back for more!