We hear you! KAZO is now halal-certified! ツ
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The Kazo Story

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best. Nowhere epitomises this better than KAZO® (卡滋屋), a patisserie bakery specialising in Taiwanese premium handmade baked goods. From Crispy Cream Puff, Signature Polo Bun to Baked Cheese Tart, KAZO values freshness, quality, simplicity, and, of course, taste. With a rigorous ingredient selection and product creation process, we put all our love and passion into the oven, baking fresh every day.


And we are not just about one-time treats; we are in it for your ongoing happiness. Whether you are celebrating something special or just feeding a sweet craving, we have got you covered… Your KAZO experience does not end at our counter—choose from our range of convenient services, such as Doorstep Deliveries, Bulk Orders, and Live Stations to bring the blissful moments right to you.


So why wait? Connect with us today. “We know you have a choice, thank you for choosing us!”